• An alternative Investment Vehicle

    A pragamatic approach to building niche portfolios in emerging markets

  • Focus on Emerging Markets

    We assist institutional and sophisticated private investors in accessing investment opportunities
    in emerging and frontier markets

  • Emerging Markets

    Adiuvat delivers an innovative approach to accessing investments in emerging
    and frontier markets

  • Risk balanced

    Institutional and sophisticated private investors must be aware
    of the market and liquidity risks in emerging/frontier markets.

About the fund

Adiuvat Investment Fund strives to distribute superior risk-adjusted returns measured in US Dollars with an emphasis on capital appreciation. The Fund focuses on value creation, investing in good growth enterprises with strong management teams. We have a disciplined investment approach driven by experienced emerging market investment managers.

Our Investment Strategy

Adiuvat will seek to achieve its objective by primarily locating, analyzing and investing in new, as well as established growth-orientated companies, private or publicly listed, in high growth emerging markets and frontier markets, as well as into fixed income high yield debt instruments, such as Medium Term Notes.

Risk Factors

Investing in Adiuvat Investment Fund involves a number of risk considerations, including currency fluctuations, lack of liquidity as well as price volatility of the investment portfolio.

Since the Fund may invest in privately issued securities, this presents additional risk considerations.

Adiuvat Investment Fund is an investment company to assist sophisticated institutional and private investors
in accessing the investments across emerging markets and frontier markets.  
The Fund invests in various asset classes, including private equity, OTC fixed income products and Medium Term Notes (MTNs).
The Fund is supervised and regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA).


Adiuvat Investment Fund